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What are the benefits of an independent accelerator for startups?

WOW accelerates innovative business without the limitations of corporate theses. Corporate acceleration is a secondary item in executive agendas. WOW's extensive network of investors allows the team to ensure flexibility and speed in any decision making, including investment rounds, because we know that for a startup, time is of the essence.

How is the day-to-day during acceleration?

WOW understands that the acceleration process is individual and personalized. We are not a school and our first goal is not to disturb the entrepreneur. We seek to focus in helping to guide the execution. We carry out an analysis to understand the main challenges of the business, create a flexible work plan and perform a weekly checkpoint with each startup to track how the execution is going and how we can help even more.

What's so special about the acceleration program?

WOW delivers smart money in practice. We use our angel investor network to help grow accelerated startups, whether through 1:1 mentoring or market connection and door opening. Our angels still are or have previously been executives of large companies, or entrepreneurs who founded and grew their startups - all of them, without exception, with strong professional experience in a market sector or with technical knowledge that can help startups in their main challenges.

What differentiates WOW from other accelerators?

WOW is the largest independent accelerator in Brazil, that is, without ties to any corporation or institution. A network of 300 angel investors, spread throughout Brazil and abroad, brings financial and intellectual capital. WOW's governance model is unique, with a board representing investors, entrepreneurs, mentors and the ecosystem.

What should I do to partner with WOW?

The partnerships carried out by WOW do not seek financial results for the accelerator. WOW seeks partners to contribute to the development of the accelerated startups, so if you are interested in offering benefits to our entrepreneurs, please contact us through e-mail address natalia@wow.ac.

What partnerships can I enjoy when my startup is accelerated by WOW?

WOW-accelerated startups can enjoy approximately R$ 600,000.00 in economic benefits offered by partners. Within this package are the main tools necessary for the operation of a startup as well as specialized services.

What startup profile does WOW search for?

We seek startups from all market sectors and from all regions of Brazil, from state capitals and from the countryside. We're interested in the good entrepreneur, no matter where he/she is. That's why every WOW program runs remotely, and the entrepreneur doesn't have to be physically with us to enjoy all the benefits WOW offers.

How does WOW help raise funds?

Knowing them and talking to all VCs, we learn the main points that investors analyze and their theses. We support entrepreneurs in the development of presentation materials and in the match with investors with better fit. We have developed an investment capture process, which allows startups to quickly and easily access the main players in the market, whether they are VC funds, angel groups, equity crowdfunding, venture debt, etc. In addition, we also carry out follow-on operations in accelerated startups, using our groups of investors and partners, ensuring a process that is both fast and without bureaucracy. We work in a way that the entrepreneur can focus on the most important thing: the growth of the startup!

What are the advantages of the angel investor-based model for startups?

The entrepreneur has access to any market and also to a lot of knowledge without having the burden of dealing with many investors as the WOW team manages the whole process. Mentors are chosen from the group of investors. Interests are aligned by the investment and mentoring is not an obligation but an opportunity to make the investment increase its value.

What is WOW's relationship with the startup after acceleration?

The end of the acceleration process does not end the relationship and support that WOW provides for startups, as we continue to support entrepreneurs that we have invested in since the first class, back in 2013 and even those who we have already carried out disinvestment. The end of the acceleration process may represent a transition to the next stage of the startup. WOW is committed to continuing to keep up with (and helping!) the startup until it reaches its next growth milestone – measured primarily in terms of revenue. When reaching this milestone, it is likely that it makes sense for the startup to think about capturing more investment. In this sense, WOW also helps in capturing this next round - creates the investment thesis together with the startup (why capture, what to do with the money) and establishes the connection with investment funds that have fit with the market or business model of the startup. The startup also continues to have access to investor networking and knowledge paths - and may even invite new employees to participate in training and accelerate onboarding.

What is worked on during the acceleration program?

The focus of acceleration is to achieve the first cycle of Product Market Fit. For 12 months, WOW helps the startup in the process of validating its market and customer profile, product and value proposition, acquisition channels and business model, in addition to working on fundamental management issues, such as the relationship between partners, team building and leadership. We have applied and reviewed our methodology since the beginning of WOW's operation in 2013 and consolidated the main lessons, errors and successes of more than 100 startups invested in various markets and business models;

Why should I participate in the WOW selection process?

The selection process is actually a relationship process between WOW, entrepreneurs and investors. For this reason, the process itself generates networking and learning possibilities. It is a growth opportunity for entrepreneurs, who receive feedback, training, mentoring, and interact several times with investors as they progress through the phases.

How can I become a mentor to startups accelerated by WOW?

The official mentors of accelerated startups are investors in angel investment groups run by WOW. Anyway, every exchange of knowledge is welcome. If you are interested in getting closer to our community, simply schedule a conversation with our community manager via email: natalia@wow.ac