WOW no CASE 2021

A WOW é mantenedora do maior evento de empreendedorismo da America Latina.
Salve na agenda e participe dos conteúdos da WOW no CASE 2021:

Product market fit canvas: lições práticas sobre como atingir product market fit.

Filipe Garcia | Head de Aceleração WOW
18 de novembro | 16:30

A Relevância da aceleradoras para o inicio da jornada empreendedora

Andre Ghignatti - Wow Aceleradora de Startups
Andre Rodrigues Froes - Cotidiano Aceleradora
Itali Pedroni Collini - 500 Global
Marcos Mueller - Darwin Startups
18 de novembro | 15:15

Case Squid – do zero ao exit, crescimento exponencial fora do framework de VCs

Felipe Oliva - Squid
Carlos Tristan - Squid
Filipe Garcia - WoW
18 de novembro | 15:15

We look for startups from all Brazilian states and from any market segment.

WOW delivers an acceleration program that goes far beyond financial investment.

The focus of the acceleration program is to help the startup in product-market fit validation and growth structuring. Our way of providing support is modeled according to the maturity and stage of the startup.

In 12 months, we seek to help validate the main business hypotheses and find the path to growth.

your startup will
have access to:

Financial Support

Investment of up to R$ 300K at the time of acceleration with equity  defined in a future round.


Our investors also act as mentors, which ensures maximum alignment of interest - which means the growth of the startup.


Over R$ 600k of economic value in access to tools and services that are key for the growth of any startup.


Extensive network of contacts, where each of the more than 300 investors is able to open the right door for the next big customer or partner of your startup.

Content Paths

We've mapped out the knowledge needed for the growth of all startups and you'll have access to a path of exclusive workshops for WOW accelerated startups.


Acceleration program focusing on product-market fit and adapted for each business model and entrepreneur experience.


Formed by over 200 entrepreneurs, organized in functional clusters, by market or business model.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the angel investor-based model for startups?

The entrepreneur has access to any market and also to a lot of knowledge without having the burden of dealing with many investors as the WOW team manages the whole process. Mentors are chosen from the group of investors. Interests are aligned by the investment and mentoring is not an obligation but an opportunity to make the investment increase its value.

What are the benefits of an independent accelerator for startups?

WOW accelerates innovative business without the limitations of corporate theses. Corporate acceleration is a secondary item in executive agendas. WOW's extensive network of investors allows the team to ensure flexibility and speed in any decision making, including investment rounds, because we know that for a startup, time is of the essence.

What differentiates WOW from other accelerators?

WOW is the largest independent accelerator in Brazil, that is, without ties to any corporation or institution. A network of 300 angel investors, spread throughout Brazil and abroad, brings financial and intellectual capital. WOW's governance model is unique, with a board representing investors, entrepreneurs, mentors and the ecosystem.

Wow Success Stories


Relevant connections are among the key assets in a startup's successful journey. WOW's ecosystem is present throughout Brazil, opening doors and identifying new opportunities for startups.

Over 380 investors willing to open the right doors to grow your business.

WOW's extensive and selected group of investors also carries out the mentoring of our accelerated startups, acting as true catalysts for their growth.




Wow's model generates a total alignment of interest between mentor and startup. By mentoring your business, investors will be committed to valuing their asset, and not treating it like just another appointment in a disputed corporate schedule. 

The group is composed of entrepreneurs, executives and renowned professionals in their areas - without geographical barriers, mentors/investors are spread throughout Brazil and abroad.

Benefits program

We don't do anything alone. That's why we have a valuable benefits program offered thanks to our amazing partners.

Startups accelerated by WOW have access to over R$ 600k in various benefits.

Discounts that mean more resources for growth. Get special conditions to hire platforms, tools and cloud hosting services, CRM, marketing and sales automation, customer service, management and finance.