We don't know everything. But we've learned some valuable lessons that are the foundation of WOW's methodology. What works for an SaaS doesn't necessarily work for a marketplace, but the two business models can share best practices.

Focus on Product-Market Fit

The focus of the acceleration program is to help the startup in product-market fit validation and growth structuring. Our way of providing support is modeled according to the maturity and stage of the startup. In 12 months, we seek to help validate the path to growth.

Validation of 4 areas of the Startup


Who's my client?


What's my value proposition?

Sales Process and Channel

How I acquire and convert leads

Business Model

How do I price and charge my clients?

In addition, the accelerator also helps in issues related to the startup’s structure:


Review of the corporate agreement, division of responsibilities, leadership development.

Management and Governance

Monitoring of the metrics, financial means and structure necessary for team growth.

The steps of the acceleration process



The kick-off event that marks the beginning of acceleration. All startups of the batch participate. The program includes the presentation of the program, presentation of the startups, happy hour with WOW’s community of investors and entrepreneurs and talking with founders of successful startups.


Dig Deep

Individual diagnostic meeting, aiming at understanding the main challenges of the startup and what is the next growth milestone. Establishing the objectives and results to be achieved during the program, the main metrics to be monitored and a discussion about what kind of help the accelerator can offer.


Checkpoints + Mentoring + Content Paths

The accelerator starts to perform weekly individual checkpoints with the batch’s startups. From the information collected in the diagnosis, matchmaking is also carried out with WOW mentors and we initiate mentoring, content paths (leadership and people management, sales, digital marketing, customer success, investment capture, etc.) and connections/interactions with the accelerator founders and investor community.



The post-acceleration phase focuses on capturing the next round of investment for your startup. We will work on the market thesis, materials (pitch deck) and connection with networks of angel investors and investment funds. The startup also continues to take advantage of mentoring, connections with the WOW community and content paths.

Meetings with Startups are split into sprints

The average process time is 12 months, but it may vary depending on each case.

Each startup fits into
an acceleration model 


We believe in quality and not quantity. WOW understands that mentoring is a mentor-mentee relationship. That's why we invest energy in understanding the current challenges of the startup and in matchmaking with the hard skills and market knowledge of the mentor.

How mentoring works

The first step is to validate the mentors’ profile with the startup. After this validation, the accelerator invites mentors to a first conversation, so that the startup may present its business and its main challenges. After that the accelerator suggests a cadence of meetings and the relationship is now fed by the founder with to do's completed, important news and upcoming business challenges.

Connections with important people

300 investors: founders, executives and professionals with extensive experience and willing to mentor and to open doors for the startup.

Alignment of Interests

Total alignment of interest between mentor and startup: mentoring is a way to increase the value of the investment.

Online and Offline

Face-to-face or virtual mentoring.


Generate business opportunities and knowledge exchanges for accelerated startups. WOW's relationship network is very valuable for the potential connections it can offer.

Over 380 investors willing to open the right doors for your business to grow.

And it's not just that: over 380 founders sharing knowledge and best practices on people management, marketing, sales, technology and investments. The WOW community is the materialization of smart money.

Important connections for your growth

Networking with the portfolio of over 150 startups accelerated by WOW and 380 investors from all over Brazil.

content paths

There is a lot of content available on the internet. We help the founder in curating the themes he/she needs to master and deliver it in online paths formats.

We believe that investing in your startup's knowledge base is essential to grow.

Participate in meetings on leadership and people management, digital marketing, B2B sales, customer success and capturing investment. All this provided by professionals with market experience and experience in the startup ecosystem.

Selected content

Exclusive knowledge path for accelerated startups in matters that we consider essential for business growth.

Online and Offline

Access content paths virtually or in person.

Benefits program

We don't do anything alone. That's why we have a valuable benefits program offered thanks to our amazing partners.

Startups accelerated by WOW have access to over R$ 600k in various benefits.

Discounts that mean more resources for growth. Get special conditions to hire platforms, tools and cloud hosting services, CRM, marketing and sales automation, customer service, management and finance.